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Connected Learning

Education today faces the same tough challenges as any business. Some of the challenges that we see today are:

  • Improve learning outcomes through creative tools and technologies, performance & trend analysis and synchronous/asynchronous learning delivery
  • Increase efficiency through an effective IT governance and secure information systems
  • Compete effectively by attracting the best staff & students, flexible learning delivery, robust research and teaching environment

To address these and other challenges, Calsoft Labs offers a holistic solution framework called "Connected Education".

Our framework along with the solutions is depicted below:


E-Learning solutions for Students

  • Provide learning/education software to organize note-taking, write assignments, calculate, plan and create multimedia projects
  • Develop learning materials, assessment tools, programming and creativity tools
  • Communication via voice, video, IM with teachers and students
  • Publish assignments, projects and learning content via a blog, website, video, brochure, multimedia presentation or any mobile device

Institutional Effectiveness Solution

  • Provide a unified view by delivering single version of truth depicting the performance of all departments in an university
  • "Beyond Reporting" services combining data to spot trends, plan accurately and make informed decisions through intuitive graphs and dashboards

Operational Efficiency Solutions for IT staff

  • Strengthen and simplify security
    • Provide students and staff with single sign-in access to applications and services based on their course or level
    • Automate the distribution of applications, updates and patches to servers
    • Reduce unnecessary IT overheads through virtualization by
      • Server consolidation
      • Deploying a virtual desktop environment
      • Hosting applications and files in the cloud to simplify updates, management and security
  • Help your IT team to reduce CAPEX and move towards a OPEX model through our cloud computing offerings

Research Management Solutions

  • Research management portals complete with organization tools, integrated workflows, search, document management, real-time communications, reporting and team collaboration
  • Simplify data management & analytics in cloud
  • Powerful web applications developed with RIA tools

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