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Why Calsoft Labs

Calsoft Labs is a trusted and reliable partner for many top global institutions, universities and K12 schools helping them in spearheading the e-Learning 2.0 revolution.

Our Higher Education CoE backed by a decade of experience, technology and engineering excellence and quality professionals have developed some of the most complex and challenging solutions for our customers. The guiding force for our team has always been "Provide exceptional value to our customers thereby helping them attain agility and market leadership through quality solutions and sustained business model". Our customers choose to work with us for the following reasons.

Strong Higher Education Expertise

Calsoft Labs has been working in the education space for more than a decade in application and product development for a wide spectrum of solutions viz., distance learning solutions, virtual classrooms and cloud enabled e-Learning solutions. We leverage our in-depth technology expertise in cloud enablement of learning platforms and mobility to deliver online learning solutions to top universities and K12 schools across the world.

Product Engineering Focus

Calsoft Labs is focused on product engineering only, and does not do product engineering "also". Our people, processes and methodologies, skill enhancement plans and strategic investments are in line with our Engineering DNA.

University Automation & Analytics

We have proven experience in helping universities integrate various administrative functions for optimum utilization of resources and improve efficiency. Our analytics solutions(Beyond Reporting) helps universities predict demand, understand student profiles, update courseware and improve overall operational efficiency.

LMS in a Box

Our proprietary LMS framework helps you roll out and deploy LMS faster with the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of online education courses or training programs in a self-service model.

Flexible Business Models

Calsoft Labs offers a host of engagement options to suit the varied needs of our customers across the application and product development engagements. We work with small startups to mature organizations to large established organizations (Enterprises and ISVs) with engagement models tailored to suit their needs.

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Calsoft Labs has been working in the Education space for more than a decade in software development...

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