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Higher Education

The higher education system has to adapt to the changing needs of today's learners. As colleges and universities across the globe are facing increasing challenges from operational pressures, competition for students, faculty and research funding, coupled with the need to educate a new generational workforce, there are constantly increasing demands to achieve more with fewer resources.

Calsoft Labs has been working in the education space for more than a decade in application/product development for a wide spectrum of learning solutions, thus helping the universities and higher education institutes improve institutional effectiveness, efficiency in administration operations and effectively manage the student-faculty life cycle.

Some of our offerings to higher education institutes are:

  • E-Learning, LMS/LCMS Development
  • Web/cloud enabled classroom platform and enrollment analytics
  • ERP implementation, upgrades and testing to support various LOBs
  • Cloud migration and engineering
  • Mobile learning platform development
  • Cloud-based synchronous classroom platform with
    • Multi-screen, multi device content delivery
    • Anytime-Anywhere learning collaboration
    • Low CAPEX and effective administrative tools
  • University automation & analytics
  • SaaS based payment solutions

Why Calsoft Labs

  • Our analytical solution framework for data mining, predictive modeling, and decision support helps to develop valuation models in the context of student life cycle to:
    • Maximize student involvement in university program
    • Optimize retention and detect students at risk that require counseling and tutoring
    • Maintain university brand
  • Our solutions have enabled more than 1,000,000 students to have the best in class learning experience in instructor led and virtual learning environments.
  • We have been supporting a leading payment solution company in the US in engineering their full suite of payment solutions, thereby enabling more than 675 distinguished public and private higher education institutions representing a total enrollment of more than 4.8 million students.

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Calsoft Labs has been working in the Education space for more than a decade in software development...

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