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K12 - Primary and Secondary Education

Today, the K12 curriculum has improved by leaps and bounds harnessing the cutting edge technologies available to provide:

  • Rich, challenging and engaging content
  • Customized learning program for each student
  • Virtual classrooms

At Calsoft Labs, our aim is simple - help our primary and secondary education customers take full advantage of the information that they can acquire from their administrative and academic environments by mapping their goals and aspirations. Our solutions and service offerings to K12 customers make "Connected Learning" a reality by providing a rich platform where learning is fun, exciting and personalized.

Our services promise not just online learning, but also a centralized place for administration and collaboration. We have helped some of the top global K12 schools by offering full spectrum of services by connecting and engaging teachers, students and parents through our "Connected & Engaged Learning" framework. Our Education COE has a decade of experience in working with K12 schools in developing comprehensive, customizable and end-to-end learning solutions.

Some of our offerings are:

  • Design and implementation of a 3600 curriculum program
  • School ERP and IT management
  • Assessment solutions for students
    • Complete and submit assessments online
  • Assessment solutions for teachers
    • Training and mentoring programs
    • Performance assessment
  • Real time analytics(Beyond Reporting) services to improve effectiveness
    • Spot trends across information stored in diverse systems including student performance, attendance, financials, enrolments and staffing
  • Rich online content(books, study/training material) delivery through desktop and mobile devices
  • Mobile enabled learning environment
  • Web portals for teachers and students
    • Single sign-on to school systems such as attendance, assessment, learning management systems, desktop applications, email and more
    • Email questions to teachers
    • Collaboration between teachers and students in a secure environment
    • Collaborate with others, sharing photographs, videos, and project work

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