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Virtual Learning Environment for Online Content Delivery & Collaboration

The Client

The customer is the larget international provider of face-to-face and online tutions using qualified teachers with a susccessful track record of nearly 4 decades in proving the best of breed learning solutions for all age groups.

About the Project

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a web based tutoring platform that helped our customer in offering remedial tutoring services to students online, instead of the current face-to-face tutoring offered through franchisees. This platform is a database driven, content and tutoring delivery environment with collaboration features for student-tutor interactions.

The Challenge

The customer envisaged a robust learning platform addressing

  • Flexible VLE design to support numerous question types associated with different tutoring subjects and dynamic metadata
  • Migration of existingCD ROM tutoring content consisting of lessons, questions, graphical mathematical/science tools and rich intuitive multimedia files
  • Integration with existing lesson planning and franchisee management software
  • Offline model to support users with limited bandwidth/internet connectivity

The Solution

The solution implemented by Calsoft Labs encompassed the following features:

  • Silverlight based virtual learning solution using Telerik Silverlight based controls that provide rich user interface
  • Migrated existing tutoring content (with over 100,000 questions) to the SQL database with metadata to drive the virtual learning platform
  • Collaboration features for students and tutors (whiteboard, desktop sharing, audio and video conferencing etc.)
  • Role based learning, homework and administration portal
  • Lesson planning tool & quiz builder
  • Pre-enrolment assessment for lesson planning
  • Question editor and meta data builder
  • Mobile learning support


  • Development Environment: Silverlight 4.0, Microsoft .NET, C#, Expression Blend, Ajax, CSS 3.0, JavaScript & SQL Server 2008
  • Third Party Controls: Telerik Silverlight Controls & Reporting