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Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics

The data and information derived from business-intelligence initiatives has a greater impact on institutional efficiency and effectiveness. At Calsoft Labs, we help our customers in the education segment to take full advantage of the garnered information in different administrative and academic departments by our unique offering viz., "Beyond Reporting - Institution Dashboard". The insightful results obtained help the decision makers in effective planning and decision making, improved tracking and evaluation of progress, areas requiring improvement, and successful new programs launch and initiatives.

Our offerings provide higher-education leaders with an opportunity to combine qualitative assessment with quantitative analytics within a familiar collaborative environment and engage individuals across their respective institutions in the ongoing process of enhancing institutional progress against defined goals and objectives.

Our BI/Analytics value proposition is summarized below:

  • Align priorities and actions with the mission, vision, goals, and initiatives of the institution at all levels
  • Affect daily action with better information to drive decisions.
  • Set up BI/Analytics CoE supporting your enterprise needs
  • Cloud based Analytics - leveraging our mature cloud computing partner ecosystem, we deliver the flexibility, scalability, and security to meet the demands of the 21st century college or university system and provide another technology option for implementing a comprehensive institutionally effective architecture
  • Mobile BI dashboards for institutions
  • Predict demand for newly launched courses, evaluate performance of existing courses, understand student profiles, update courseware and improve overall operational efficiency
  • Capture relevant data and observations to guide continuous improvement towards organizational goal attainment
  • Create and monitor measurable progress at all levels against an institution-wide strategic plan.

Calsoft Labs Advantage

  • 100+ strong team of BI professionals with varied industry and tool experience
  • Leverage our "Microsoft Azure Circle" partnership for your cloud based analytics needs
  • Smart BI solutions with actionable insights that provide a 360o view of your institution
  • Leverage our BI & Analytics education framework to save up to 40% effort and time

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