State-of-the-art Technologies in Higher Education IT Benefits in Higher Education

State-of-the-art Technologies in Higher Education

Technology in higher education is a global phenomenon. The present day technologies at our disposal viz., online learning, mobile learning and cloud computing allows the professors to engage the students in meaningful ways to make learning fun, exciting and intuitive.

The availability of online open educational content, increased footprint of mobile devices have drastically changed the teaching and learning landscape by providing a rich platform for vibrant and engaged learning. We at ALTEN Calsoft Labs, having over a decade of experience in developing software applications and products for higher education institutes and K12 schools feel that the following technologies will have a greater impact in taking education to the next level at universities.

  • E-Learning/Online Learning Management Systems: The e-Learning mode of education delivery is proven to benefit students beyond traditional classroom coaching. E-Learning benefits both students and institutions in a number of ways, few notable ones being:
    • It is less expensive
    • Allows faster progression than traditional classroom learning by enhancing student-student and student-faculty collaboration
    • Can be easily customized to meet individual student's learning needs, self-paced learning improves overall learning performance
    • Easy to update course content, or add additional resources to courseware
  • Cloud Computing takes learning and research efforts to the next level by providing an elastic on-demand compute infrastructure, and virtual collaboration platform with Anytime, Anywhere access to content.
  • Mobile Learning: Use of portable mobile platforms such as tablets and smart phones allows teachers and students to extend their teaching to spaces beyond the conventional classrooms. The advantages of mobile learning are:
    • Increased interaction with the course content, access to student information & university/campus resources
    • Rich representation of knowledge through multimedia (audio/video, demos, presentations, PDFs, flowcharts & graphs)
    • Support performance and decision making through mobile BI/analytics dashboard
  • University Automation & Analytics: Universities need to integrate various administrative functions for optimum utilization of resources and improve efficiency. Analytics can help universities predict demand, understand student profiles, update courseware and improve overall operational efficiency.