State-of-the-art Technologies in Higher Education IT Benefits in Higher Education

University Education - IT Adoption Benefits

The innovative use of IT is believed to be a game changer that can significantly strengthen higher education system and propel the any nation into becoming a "Knowledge Superpower".

The adoption of IT in higher education has many advantages and a few notable ones are:

  • Improving the access to the system through online education
  • Improving the quality of teaching especially across remotest locations
  • Increasing transparency and strengthening systems, processes and compliance norms
  • Measure students learning participation and effectiveness
  • Analyze student behaviour to maximize students involvement, optimize retentions, and improve placements
  • Analyze students' performance, placement, application volume, website analytics, and social media metrics for brand audit

A few use cases for IT adoption in university are given below:

  • Mode of Course Delivery: Distance Learning with course delivery through Internet (virtual class rooms) satellite and other mediums
  • Provide a Collaboration Platform: IT provides a platform linking universities and other agencies for collaborative research on many technology projects and course content development.
  • Administrative Support Functions: ERP systems implemented in universities help complete student tracking and management aspects including admission, enrolment, fees payment, examination and graduation etc.

Apart from this IT can perform multiple roles in Higher Education to benefit multiple stakeholders. The benefits to the different stakeholders in Higher Education system through IT/ICT can be seen in the diagram below: